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Key Developments in Multiple Myeloma and Adjusting to COVID-19

Event Overview

Sep. 24, 2020 3:00pm EST

Online Video Conference


Physicians are adapting to new treatment protocols and a different workload as the Covid 19 pandemic continues. On the 24nd of September SurvivorNet will hold a collaborative conversation with opinion leaders in the field to talk new approvals and the new normal.

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Talking Points:

We’ll be discussing new announcements from ESMO, as well as recent approvals and trials pertaining to multiple myeloma treatment that physicians should be aware of. These may well include the new approvals for the use of subcutaneous daratumumab, Blenrep, and carfilzomib with daratumumab and dexamethasone.

Racial Disparities
Multiple myeloma disproportionately affects African Americans, but, given treatment, their survival rate is the same. The problem is access to care – African Americans often don’t enjoy the same access to care as other racial groups for a variety of socio economic reasons, meaning they have a disproportionately lower survival rate of multiple myeloma. Physicians can help with this by being aware of this, and asking African Americans about a history of multiple myeloma in their family, and screening for MGUS or smoldering multiple myeloma if patents are at risk. Patients can also be encouraged to sign up to P Crowd – a crowd sourcing initiative that aims to understand why this racial disparity exists, with the aim of closing this gap.

Mental Health
Physicians have had to adjust to a lot over the last few months. Hospital budgets are being slashed, funding for clinical trials and research is going away, workloads are increasing and changing….it’s a very unsettling time. Doctors suffer disproportionately from burnout and depression at the best of times, but now, anecdotally, more than ever. Our panel will give advice to colleagues on how to cope with this.


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Dr. Sagar Lonial

Winship Cancer Institute

Dr. Nina Shah

UCSF Medical Center

Dr. Robert Orlowski

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Natalie Callander

University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center