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Study: Physicians Should Prioritize Weight Management in Breast Cancer Care to Boost Survival Rates

A new study underscores the importance of weight counseling in breast cancer. Gains and losses are associated with lower chance of survival, especially in patients who undergo chemotherapy.

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Study Raises Clinical Considerations for Strategic Immunotherapy Use in Metastatic Cancer Care

New Yale study finds a significant rise in the use of immunotherapy in late-stage cancer, highlighting its growing use in end-of-life care and a greater success rate at larger institutions.

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Nearly 50% Skip Prescribed Breast Cancer Meds; Physicians Should Focus On Cost Cutting and Education

A new study suggests that cost-reduction policies and targeted interventions significantly increase adjuvant endocrine therapy adherence among breast cancer survivors.

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Criteria and Considerations for Using Newly FDA-Approved Lifileucel in Advanced Melanoma

FDA grants accelerated approval for lifileucel, a TIL therapy for advanced melanoma, marking a first for a cellular therapy targeting a solid tumor.

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Physicians Advised to Consider Rybrevant for EGFR Mutation-Positive NSCLC, Following FDA Approval

Rybrevant receives FDA approval as a game-changing treatment for NSCLC with specific genetic mutations, marking a significant advancement in personalized cancer therapy.

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Elahere Has Become A Practice-Changing Option for Platinum-Resistant, FRα Ovarian Cancer

FDA-approved Elahere for FRα-positive, platinum-resistant ovarian cancer offers new hope with its targeted mechanism and positive trial results. ​

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Integrating Venetoclax Into CLL Management Is Expanding Treatment Horizons and Improving Survival

Clinical Relevance: Venetoclax can offer your CLL patients a powerful, targeted treatment that is personalized and more effective care with fewer side effects than many other options. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oncologists treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and select small lymphocytic lymphomas should strongly consider adding Venetoclax (Venclexta) to their arsenal, given its proven capacity to significantly enhance […]

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Balversa’s FDA Approval Means a New, Practice-Changing Option for FGFR-Positive Bladder Cancer

Clinical Relevance: Newly FDA-approved Balversa offers a targeted treatment option for patients with FGFR3-positive metastatic bladder cancer, demonstrating significant efficacy in progression-free and overall survival rates, and should be considered post platinum-containing chemotherapy or anti-PD-(L)1 therapy failures. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oncologists now have a new option to consider in their decision-making process thanks to the full US […]

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