Addressing Racial Disparities in Health Care

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Studies Indicate Lynparza Extends Life of Patients with Advanced Stage Ovarian Cancer

Contributed by Dr. Rodrigo C. Leão Edelmuth, MD, Medical Fellow at  SurvivorNet.   Good news for women with ovarian cancer has just emerged from the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Annual Meeting: positive long-term data from two phase III trials of Olaparib (brand name Lynparza) maintenance treatment in patients with newly diagnosed advanced (stages […]

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Men with Prostate Cancer Are Asking Their Doctors About Rectal Spacers

For a lot of us who treat men with prostate cancer, there are preferred methods and pathways. But, regardless, some of us in the community are not offering a simple procedure that can significantly improve quality of life for these patients. 

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Addressing Disparities in Cancer: What Industry and Clinicians Can Do to Collaborate Effectively

As key players in the oncology community, industry and clinicians have the power to make tangible progress on key aspects on disparities, according to panelists at Survivornet’s 2022 Close the Gap conference. 

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‘This is a Period of Rapid Progress:’ Dr. Giovanni Caforio of Bristol-Myers Squibb on the Revolution in Immunotherapy Drugs for Treating Advanced Cancers

Every once in a while, we think there’s some value in giving the SN Connect audience a little taste of some very key players in the oncology system. A while back, SurvivorNet had the chance to sit down with Dr. Giovanni Caforio, chairman and CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS).

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ASCO: Study Finds Ibrutinib Can Improve Outcomes In Some Newly Diagnosed Patients With Mantle Cell Lymphoma

The trial showed improvement in progression-free survival for patients with newly diagnosed mantle cell lymphoma.

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ASCO: New Study Provides Hope For Patients With HER2 ‘Low’ Breast Cancer

HER2 “low” may become a new commonly classified subtype of breast cancer.

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ASCO: Updated Guidelines on Biomarkers for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

The new guidelines now recommend the use of Breast Cancer Index (BCI) to assess the risk of breast cancer recurrence in some patients.

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ASCO: Study Indicates Panitumumab Works Best For Patients With One Type Of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

A new trial is the first to compare the effectiveness of different targeted drug therapies as part of chemo treatments for a certain kind of metastatic colorectal cancer (left sided).

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