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Newly FDA-Approved Drug Elahere May Be Effective Treatment For Patients With A Particularly Aggressive Form Of Ovarian Cancer

Contributed by Dr. Muneeb Niazi, Medical Fellow at SurvivorNet.   Ovarian cancer cells commonly carry folate receptor alpha (FRα) protein on their surface. Up to 80% of new and recurrent ovarian cancers may carry this protein. Generally, FRα levels tend to be high in more aggressive ovarian cancers. Oncologists can order FRα testing for their […]

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New Combination Of Immunotherapy And Chemotherapy Could Effectively Treat Metastatic Bladder Cancer

Contributed by Dr. Muneeb Niazi, Medical Fellow at SurvivorNet.   A new immunotherapy and chemotherapy combination may be an effective treatment for patients with metastatic bladder cancers who cannot receive cisplatin. Patients who cannot receive cisplatin for their cancer have historically fared very poorly. In a study, the new treatment achieved a response in 64.5% […]

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Immunotherapy Drug Keytruda Shows Promising Event-Free Survival Results For High-Risk Melanoma Patients When Used Before And After Surgery

Contributed by Dr. James Taylor, MD, MPH, a Medical Fellow at SurvivorNet.   A new study of patients with high-risk melanoma shows using the immunotherapy agent pembrolizumab, also known as Keytruda, used before and after surgery reduces the risk of tumor recurrence. Immunotherapy given before surgery can help prime the immune system to fight off cancer […]

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‘Practice Changing’ Trial Results Suggest Tagrisso Can Delay Recurrence of EGFR Mutated Lung Cancer

Contributed by Abigail Seaberg, writer at SurvivorNet.   The drug Tagrisso is showing promise for lung cancer patients, yet again. Updated results from the phase III ADAURA study presented at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress 2022 showed that AstraZeneca’s drug osimertinib, brand name Tagrisso, demonstrated more exciting results for lung cancer patients […]

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Drug Enhertu Targets New Category of Her2-Low Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

Contributed by Dr. Muneeb Niazi, Medical Fellow at SurvivorNet.   For oncologists across the country, including community practices, the new developments around categorizing breast cancer patients as HER2-low is starting to play out in practice. The drug enhertu was approved for patients previously considered HER2 negative, but in an important breakthrough, the drug has been approved by […]

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Immunotherapy Drug Imfinzi Plus Chemotherapy Boosts Survival Rates In Metastatic Lung Cancer Patients: New Study

Contributed by Dr. Muneeb Niazi, Medical Fellow at SurvivorNet.   If you have stage four non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) there is a hopeful new treatment option that shows increased survival rates in patients. New trial results show that a short-course of the immunotherapy drug tremelimumab combined with the drug Imfinzi (also knowns as durvalumab) […]

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Studies Indicate Lynparza Extends Life of Patients with Advanced Stage Ovarian Cancer

Contributed by Dr. Rodrigo C. Leão Edelmuth, MD, Medical Fellow at  SurvivorNet.   Good news for women with ovarian cancer has just emerged from the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Annual Meeting: positive long-term data from two phase III trials of Olaparib (brand name Lynparza) maintenance treatment in patients with newly diagnosed advanced (stages […]

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Men with Prostate Cancer Are Asking Their Doctors About Rectal Spacers

For a lot of us who treat men with prostate cancer, there are preferred methods and pathways. But, regardless, some of us in the community are not offering a simple procedure that can significantly improve quality of life for these patients. 

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